Counter Strike - Improving Artificial Inteligence

Improving AI

One aspect of the AI that can throw you off is the graded difficulty. During early levels, you only have access to severely inept bots, both on the opposing squad and yours, leading to frustrating matches that make the game look worse than it actually is.

After those bouts with mediocrity, though, the bots get smarter and gameplay turns out much more compelling. As the game moves forward, you’ll find your teammates exhibiting intelligent behaviors (like camping in areas where terrorists are likely to pass) and your opponents presenting more formidable challenges (like breaking windows and jumping walls for better position all on their own). In fact, the AI in CZ is probably one of the best among first-person shooters, considering the complexity and range of possible behaviors available to them.

The bots, however, were modeled after real human Counter Strike players which means that are fallible to the same follies you sometimes see in online play, like accidentally dropping grenades, getting stuck in corners and terrorists abandoning bombs shortly after planting them.

Deleted Scenes

CZ saw major development work from matilda tickets broadway four studios, beginning with Valve, continuing to Gearbox, moving to Ritual Entertainment and eventually ending up with Turtle Rock. Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes contain Ritual’s dropped portions of the development which consisted of 12 loosely-connected single-player missions. They contain scripted sequences and a pretty linear storyline that, sadly, was considered too cliché at the time, leading to its reduction in stature as an added feature instead of being the actual campaign.