Counter Strike - Single Player

Single Player

Condition Zero’s sole saving grace and, perhaps, the only real reason to get it is the offline single player mode. Featuring competent AI characters and classic Counter Strike action, newbies finally have a practice area to ease themselves into the merciless world of competitive online play.

The single player campaign consists of six tours of duty, with each one played out across three maps. Many of the maps are the same as those in the original CS, although a few received considerable updates, along with a few new ones like Stadium and Fastline.

Each mission plays out with the usual objectives, pitting you against six or so terrorists. As with the online version, you can buy weapons at the start of a round. In addition, you can buy AI bots to bring as back-up during missions. Not all bots will be the same though – the cheaper the bot, the dumber they will play. Just like similarly inept real-life teammates, dumb bots can end up killing you with friendly fire. All bots have their own preferred weapons and are ranked based on combat skills, bravery and abilities for teamwork.

You get past a map by winning at least three rounds, including two consecutive victories. CZ introduces mini-challenges to add a level of sophistication for the gameplay, with additional objectives such as completing a round within a time constraint or killing a specific number of AI opponents. The game won’t progress until all objectives are met. While it’s a nice touch that adds some variety to what are essentially repetitive missions, the extra goals can often feel arbitrary and added in without much forethought in terms of integration into the scene.

The bombing missions also add the extra difficulty of requiring you to track down and detonate the bomb even after you’ve killed all players in the opposing squad. For the hostage missions, on the other hand, you will lose if you end up killing all AI opponents without being able to rescue a hostage. Additionally, the hostages can be pretty dumb. See more at cinderella broadway tickets discount