Crysis The Video Game - part 1

Crysis is the first title in a planned trilogy and is considered one of the most stunningly beautiful games of all time. Based on a fictional future, the sci-fi first person shooter is able to avoid the cheesiness and unflappability inherent in many future-based games on its way to massive critical acclaim.

Released by Crytek, it is an immense improvement from their similarly-themed yet poorly-executed title Far Cry. It uses the CryEngine2, which is among the first engines to take advantage of the DirectX 10 framework for Windows Vista.


Crysis takes place on a fictional island near the coast of Korea, where an alien spacecraft is unearthed below the surface. The island is picturesque and lush, with thick vegetation surrounded by clear blue waters, all of which are delivered beautifully by the games’s graphics engine.

The visuals, quite simply, is one of Crysis’ strongest points. It’s such a huge step up from Far Cry that you would suspect a different seo company london  developed the game. The details are prominently defined in everything from the architecture to the textures down to the nuanced minutiae such as the way the nano suit changes colors when using its different settings or the way ice shatters when bullets fly into it. Scenes inside the alien ship that sits embedded in a massive rock can prove particularly breathtaking.


You play the game as Nomad (real name: First Lieutenant Jake Dunn), a U.S. Army Delta Force agent who went to the island as part of an American operation to retrieve a team of archaeologists taken captive by the North Korean army. You spend the majority of the game donned in a highly-advanced nano suit with four settings – armor, speed, strength and stealth – designed to help you through different combat situations. The suit can regenerate itself, removing the need for health restoration kits on any of the missions.