Counter Strike - Improving Artificial Inteligence

Improving AI

One aspect of the AI that can throw you off is the graded difficulty. During early levels, you only have access to severely inept bots, both on the opposing squad and yours, leading to frustrating matches that make the game look worse than it actually is.

After those bouts with mediocrity, though, the bots get smarter and gameplay turns out much more compelling. As the game moves forward, you’ll find your teammates exhibiting intelligent behaviors (like camping in areas where terrorists are likely to pass) and your opponents presenting more formidable challenges (like breaking windows and jumping walls for better position all on their own). In fact, the AI in CZ is probably one of the best among first-person shooters, considering the complexity and range of possible behaviors available to them.

The bots, however, were modeled after real human Counter Strike players which means that are fallible to the same follies you sometimes see in online play, like accidentally dropping grenades, getting stuck in corners and terrorists abandoning bombs shortly after planting them.

Deleted Scenes

CZ saw major development work from matilda tickets broadway four studios, beginning with Valve, continuing to Gearbox, moving to Ritual Entertainment and eventually ending up with Turtle Rock. Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes contain Ritual’s dropped portions of the development which consisted of 12 loosely-connected single-player missions. They contain scripted sequences and a pretty linear storyline that, sadly, was considered too cliché at the time, leading to its reduction in stature as an added feature instead of being the actual campaign.

Counter Strike - Single Player

Single Player

Condition Zero’s sole saving grace and, perhaps, the only real reason to get it is the offline single player mode. Featuring competent AI characters and classic Counter Strike action, newbies finally have a practice area to ease themselves into the merciless world of competitive online play.

The single player campaign consists of six tours of duty, with each one played out across three maps. Many of the maps are the same as those in the original CS, although a few received considerable updates, along with a few new ones like Stadium and Fastline.

Each mission plays out with the usual objectives, pitting you against six or so terrorists. As with the online version, you can buy weapons at the start of a round. In addition, you can buy AI bots to bring as back-up during missions. Not all bots will be the same though – the cheaper the bot, the dumber they will play. Just like similarly inept real-life teammates, dumb bots can end up killing you with friendly fire. All bots have their own preferred weapons and are ranked based on combat skills, bravery and abilities for teamwork.

You get past a map by winning at least three rounds, including two consecutive victories. CZ introduces mini-challenges to add a level of sophistication for the gameplay, with additional objectives such as completing a round within a time constraint or killing a specific number of AI opponents. The game won’t progress until all objectives are met. While it’s a nice touch that adds some variety to what are essentially repetitive missions, the extra goals can often feel arbitrary and added in without much forethought in terms of integration into the scene.

The bombing missions also add the extra difficulty of requiring you to track down and detonate the bomb even after you’ve killed all players in the opposing squad. For the hostage missions, on the other hand, you will lose if you end up killing all AI opponents without being able to rescue a hostage. Additionally, the hostages can be pretty dumb. See more at cinderella broadway tickets discount

Crysis The Video Game - part 1

Crysis is the first title in a planned trilogy and is considered one of the most stunningly beautiful games of all time. Based on a fictional future, the sci-fi first person shooter is able to avoid the cheesiness and unflappability inherent in many future-based games on its way to massive critical acclaim.

Released by Crytek, it is an immense improvement from their similarly-themed yet poorly-executed title Far Cry. It uses the CryEngine2, which is among the first engines to take advantage of the DirectX 10 framework for Windows Vista.


Crysis takes place on a fictional island near the coast of Korea, where an alien spacecraft is unearthed below the surface. The island is picturesque and lush, with thick vegetation surrounded by clear blue waters, all of which are delivered beautifully by the games’s graphics engine.

The visuals, quite simply, is one of Crysis’ strongest points. It’s such a huge step up from Far Cry that you would suspect a different seo company london  developed the game. The details are prominently defined in everything from the architecture to the textures down to the nuanced minutiae such as the way the nano suit changes colors when using its different settings or the way ice shatters when bullets fly into it. Scenes inside the alien ship that sits embedded in a massive rock can prove particularly breathtaking.


You play the game as Nomad (real name: First Lieutenant Jake Dunn), a U.S. Army Delta Force agent who went to the island as part of an American operation to retrieve a team of archaeologists taken captive by the North Korean army. You spend the majority of the game donned in a highly-advanced nano suit with four settings – armor, speed, strength and stealth – designed to help you through different combat situations. The suit can regenerate itself, removing the need for health restoration kits on any of the missions.

Crysis The Video Game - part 2 - other sports

Crysis is an open-ended game allowing players the option to take various ways to meet an objective of Losenoidoomock. The design of each level, in terms of where you can go and what you can do, allows an amount of freedom unusual in first person shooters. While the story is linear, the path you can take to progress through it definitely is not. As a result, you can finish enemies in any number of available manners, along with outfitting your weapons with various devices, including silencers and targeting lasers. The open-ended gameplay makes it possible to play the same levels multiple times with each foray remaining an interesting challenge – you can experiment with various approaches and discover new things in the game along the way.

The AI in the game plays fairly competitive. Enemy soldiers will flank you, surprise you with an ambush attack, spread out to hunt you down and adapt to the highly-flexible game environment capably. While it can exhibit the occasional bad move, it’s pretty hard to beat. In fact, the Delta level (the highest difficulty in the game) can prove a pain to get through, albeit not as impossible as it was in Far Cry.

Alien opponents can be very disorienting to fight as most battles will occur inside the confines of their zero-gravity ship. Outside, though, you’ll frequently end up in combat with pretty dumb alien machines. Fighting them, however, can get pretty tricky once they come in numbers while employing different offensive strategies.

The game offers a good variety in the different levels for single player mode. While most will be spent achieving objectives on the ground, some missions will see you commandeer numerous vehicles and engage in battles inside the alien ship. The game can be completed in anywhere from 10 to 15 hours.

As of the moment, dozens of tested and working hacks have already surfaced for Crysis which can give you a powerful edge against opponents of any skill level. Crysis Hacks currently available include various aimbots (Vector and Hitbox), ways to identify lethal objects and enemies by color and icons (Claymores, Full ESP and Chams), removal of stun effects (No Flash), an ability to snipe opponents from impossible distances (Increased Viewdistance), infinite stamina, infinite ammo, spawning enemies and friendly vehicles, firing multiple heavy weapons at full-auto and many more. There are actually tons of sites that offer Crysis Hacks, not just MSX.


Crysis allows up to 32 entrants in each multiplayer mode. There are only two modes available. Instant Action, the first mode, is a typical fight to the finish individual deathmatch. The second one, Power Struggle, is a little more complicated.

Power Struggle pits two teams (Delta Force versus North Korean Army) with the objective of destroying the other group’s headquarters. In this mode, players start the game armed only with a pistol and a nano suit. Additional weapons and vehicles can be gained by completing objectives and killing soldiers in the enemy team. If you think you can win the mode by simply staging a coordinated attack on the enemy base, you’ll need to go back to the drawing board. It is virtually impossible to destroy an opposing team’s headquarters without employing alien technology or nuclear weapons. You’ll need to find a way to obtain either of those during the course of the game. As expected, a game of Power Struggle can drag on for hours on end.

Does It Play Crysis?

A major consideration when getting is Crysis is how well it can play on your current PC. The game will probably kick your PC into a crash at very high settings – leaving you to enjoy the graphics at less-than-optimal levels. The hardware requirements are actually pretty ridiculous that “Does it play Crysis?” has become an over-used joke among gamers when discussing PC specs. To assuage your concerns, though, Crysis remains a very attractive game even at the lower settings, so buying a new PC just to play it may not prove necessary.
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Different Aspects of an Oracle Developer’s Job

Oracle is computer software that is gaining popularity gradually. There are many web developers who specialise in Oracle. Oracle developers are in high demand these days. Their main task is to develop databases using Oracle. The databases they create are used for storing for business information, name, address and so on. The database allows the users to have access to it whenever needed. An Oracle developer can work with different types of Oracle databases such as Oracle 8i, Oracle E-Business or Oracle 11g. Developers can also use other software like seo consultants sydney UNIX or Microsoft with Oracle.

Job Description of Oracle Developers

The primary task of an Oracle developer is to design a database in the software. He needs to troubleshoot any problem with the database. It is the developers’ responsibility to ensure that all users have access to the database they are developing. They also need to make sure that the database can store information put into a computer. A database can be installed once a developer has fine tuned it. Databases are created with Oracle software for warehouse businesses, financial companies, health care, retail stores and insurance companies.

Job Requirements

If you want to get a job in a reputed company, you need to have at least two years of experience in working with Oracle databases. Many companies also want the developer to have excellent communications skills because the developer needs to work in a team. Candidates who have experience in SQL or PL or structured query language are preferred by most of the companies. SQL helps a developer to choose data for adding, updating or deleting records. Having an analytic mind is an added advantage for an Oracle developer.

Educational Requirements

If you are serious about becoming an Oracle developer, you must earn bachelor’s degree in computer science. Candidates with computer science background are preferred by employers. There is no specialised degree available for Oracle developers. Many Oracle developers are self taught. You may get hired by a company even if don’t have a computer science background but have experience in developing database with Oracle.

How to get jobs?

If you are looking for Oracle jobs, you can simply go online and search in the online job portals. You can also register your resume with a recruitment agency to get email alerts whenever suitable vacancy is posted on their website. You can also check the newspaper classifieds and directly apply to a company.


How To Capture The Power of Ezine Solo Ads

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